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Managing Conflict during Lockdown

Here in Saskatchewan our COVID-19 numbers are on the rise and because of that many people are staying home (especially with the new restrictions).

During this time you might be experiencing conflict, even if you are sheltering with the people you love the most.

Conflict is a part of the human experience and does not need to be avoided. What does need to be avoided is handling conflict in a toxic manner.

When handled constructively, conflict can help people come to a deeper understanding of each. What better way to spend your time in quarantine than to learn more about the people you care about?

So how can we handle conflict in a healthy way when in lockdown?

One way is to understand that we are having the shared experience of living through a pandemic. This situation is causing an enormous amount of stress for everyone. The experience of stress puts us into the emotional part of our brain and triggers our fight, flight, or freeze response. When we are in this state, it is difficult for us to think rationally, which can easily make conflicts evolve into heated disputes.

When a conflict arises in your home, take a moment, observe what is going on within yourself, and give compassion to yourself and the person you are in conflict with. Some conflicts need resolution, while others just need acceptance. Because we are individuals, we are never going to agree on all things.

Agreeing to disagree is sometimes the best outcome. We can give each other respect and acceptance in conflicts by simply saying "We just see things differently, and that's okay. I respect you and care about you for the individual you are." At other times a conflict might be causing damage to the relationship and at those times listening to the other person's needs and brainstorming with that person ways that can mutually satisfy both of your needs is necessary.

There are many ways to have productive conversations about conflicts. It can be interesting and illuminating to work through a conflict with the person you are in disagreement with. If you are interested in tools and resources to help you engage in conflict in a constructive way, follow our blog and our social media accounts for more tips and recommendations. You can also book a coaching session with us for individual help or a mediation session for us to work with you and the person you are in conflict with. We are happy to be able to provide online services so that you can be safe and comfortable during the current public health situation and still receive the services that you need.

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