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What is an Agreement to Mediate?

If you are beginning your mediation journey you may have some questions.

Likely, one of the first documents that your mediation provider will review with you and the other parties involved in the mediation is the Agreement to Mediate.

Usually, the Agreement to Mediate will be reviewed with you and the other parties involved in the mediation during your first session all together.

The Agreement to Mediate might include information about how you will engage in the mediation process, confidentiality, privacy, the goals of the mediation, and more.

Each mediator or organization that offers mediation will likely have their own unique Agreement to Mediate. If you have questions about your Agreement to Mediate, ask your mediator! They will be happy to go over the specifics with you before your first mediation session or during that first session.

Do you want to see our standard Agreement to Mediate?

Check it out via this link.

*Please note that our Agreement to Mediate is subject to change at anytime; please contact us for more information*

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